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Nancy Drew

Top-Angebote für Nancy Drew online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. Teenagerdetektivin Nancy Drew löst mit sehr viel Selbstbewusstsein die Rätsel in Horseshoe Bay, Maine. Sie ist brillant, doch nimmt ein Schicksalsschlag sie sehr mit, als ihre Mutter Nancys Collegepläne auseinanderreißen. nancy drew books.

Nancy Drew (Fernsehserie, 2019)

Nancy Drew: Die aufgeweckte und neugierige Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann) hatte ihr Leben lang in ihrer eher beschaulichen Heimatstadt Horseshoe Bay. Nancy Drew - Hörbuch-Reihe bei Audible ✓ Das 1. Hörbuch der Reihe Nancy Drew's keen mind is tested when she searches for a missing will. ©, Carolyn Keene is a pen name used by a variety of authors for the classic Nancy Drew Mystery series. The first author to use the pseudonym was Mildred Wirt.

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@cw_nancydrew adlı kişiden gelen son Tweet'ler. Nancy Drew, lise mezuniyetinin ardından üniversiteye başlamaya hazırlanan genç bir kızın hikayesini konu ediyor. Nancy, hayatına yeni bir sayfa açmaya hazırlanan genç bir kızdır. Üniversiteye başlayacak olmanın heyecanı içinde olan Nancy, üniversiteye gitmek için doğup büyüdüğü kasabayı terk etmek zorunda kalır.3/5(2). Join Nancy Drew and hone your detective skills with HeR Interactive's award-winning mystery games. Shop games, merchandise, and join our community today!

Das ist der Moment, hufig sind das Zoo Season 4 oder Shows, dass Tuner ihn nochmal als Nancy Drew haben mchte. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Deutscher Titel.
Nancy Drew Based on the popular, long-running book series by Carolyn Keene, Nancy Drew premiered on the CW in October The show follows the titular sleuth (Kennedy McMann) as she and her friends solve mysteries in the fictional town of Horseshoe Bay, Maine. Full of twists, turns and supernatural. Join Nancy Drew and hone your detective skills with HeR Interactive's award-winning mystery games. Shop games, merchandise, and join our community today!. Stream Nancy Drew free on The CW. Drew Crew's Clues: Favorite Meal At The Claw (Ep) Original Air Date: Created by Noga Landau, Stephanie Savage, Josh Schwartz. With Kennedy McMann, Leah Lewis, Maddison Jaizani, Tunji Kasim. Young Nancy Drew makes plans to leave her hometown for college after high school graduation, but finds herself drawn into a supernatural murder mystery. Directed by Andrew Fleming. With Emma Roberts, Tate Donovan, Max Thieriot, Craig Gellis. Teen detective Nancy Drew accompanies her father on a business trip to Los Angeles, where she happens upon clues to a murder mystery involving a movie star. Adams did not like the Film Vaiana, and resented the studio for its treatment of the character; she did, however, keep a personal autographed photo from Granville on her office desk for many years according to her employees, and may have used John Litel's portrayal of Carson Drew to revamp the character when she revised the books in the s and s. Rehak, Melanie Retrieved February 12, Retrieved December 6, Retrieved 15 June Assassins Creed Odyssey Peloponnesischer Bund also spies on George, learning of her secret relationship with Nancy Drew. Retrieved February 24, University of Massachusetts Press. Archived from the original on November 7, Carson Drew of the books was portrayed as an older, feeble, hands-off parent, while John Litel's Carson was young, handsome, much more athletically fit, and tried his best to restrain Nancy from getting into danger. Nancy's investigation leads her to an old case involving a Film Vaiana poisoner from nearly seventeen years earlier. Joker Trailer Deutsch Nappi covers Bernadette Von Bayern Nancy in poses similar to those in the covers by Tandy and Gillies; for many updated covers he simply updated the color scheme, clothing style, Nancy Drew hairstyles of the characters but retains their original poses in similar settings. Nancy picks up Ryan and takes him along with her as she questions several witnesses, including Everett and Karen, to try and piece together Lucy's final hours. Metzgerinnen MA Standard-Times.
Nancy Drew Teenagerdetektivin Nancy Drew löst mit sehr viel Selbstbewusstsein die Rätsel in Horseshoe Bay, Maine. Sie ist brillant, doch nimmt ein Schicksalsschlag sie sehr mit, als ihre Mutter Nancys Collegepläne auseinanderreißen. Nancy Drew ist die Titelheldin mehrerer US-amerikanischer Kriminalromanserien​, sowie daraus adaptierten Filmen, Computerspielen und Fernsehserien. Nancy Drew ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die seit von CBS Television Studios für den US-Sender The CW produziert wird und auf der. Nancy Drew liebt Rätsel. Als sie und ihre Freunde Zeugen eines Mordes werden und Nancy plötzlich verdächtigt wird, setzt sie alles daran, den mysteriösen Fall. There seems to be a problem serving the request at Köln 50667 Folgen time. Autoren bei LovelyBooks Das Mädchen Rosemarie Autoren bei LovelyBooks Aktivste Autoren Meistgelesene Autoren Meistgelesene Selfpublisher Aktivste Selfpublisher. Lights, Camera. The Secret of the Old Clock Nancy Drew Mystery Stories 1 Geschrieben von: Carolyn Keene.
Nancy Drew Spion Undercover Reviews. Margot Kidder was cast as an adult Nancy Drew, and her daughter, Maggie McGuane, was cast as Nancy's daughter. The Nancy Drew Files Nancy Www.Tagesschau.De/ Notebooks Nancy Drew on Campus Nancy Drew: Girl Detective Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Nancy Drew Diaries present Nancy Drew Clue Book present. September 4, Fresh Faced Boy 1 episode,

At times she is only involved in action as her hiding place has been discovered by others. In most cases, more active scenes are used for the frontispiece, or in books after , illustrations throughout the text drawn by uncredited illustrators.

Joseph Rudolf "Rudy" Nappi, the artist from to , illustrated a more average teenager. Nappi gave Nancy Peter Pan collars , shirtwaist dresses, a pageboy later a flip haircut, and the occasional pair of jeans.

Nancy's hair color was changed from blonde to strawberry-blonde, reddish-blonde, or titian by the end of the decade. The change was long rumored to have been the result of a printing ink error, but was considered so favorable that it was adopted in the text for books published after , and by illustrator Polly Bolian for volumes she created for a special book club in — The change was to reduce production costs.

Several of the s and s cover illustrations were updated by Nappi for this change, depicting a Nancy of the Kennedy era, though the stories themselves were not updated.

Internal illustrations, which were dropped in , were returned to the books beginning in , as pen and ink line drawings, mostly by uncredited artists, but usually corresponding with Nappi's style of drawing Nancy on the covers.

Unlike Tandy, Nappi did not read the books before illustrating them; instead, his wife read them and provided him with a brief plot summary before Nappi began painting.

This Nancy was perky, clean-cut, and extremely animated. Although she wears bold colors and prints, or the background colors are shades of electric yellow, shocking pink, turquoise, or apple green, her clothing is high-necked and with long hemlines.

Earlier Nappi covers show Nancy in poses similar to those in the covers by Tandy and Gillies; for many updated covers he simply updated the color scheme, clothing style, and hairstyles of the characters but retains their original poses in similar settings.

Later Nappi covers show only Nancy's head or part of her body, surrounded by spooky or startling elements or clues from the story. These Nappi covers would later be used for the opening credits of the television production, with photos of Pamela Sue Martin inserted on the book covers.

Often, "Nancy's face wears the blank expression of one lost in thought," [97] making her appear passive. Instead, Nancy is shown thinking about the clues"; [99] in general, Nancy becomes less confident and more puzzled.

Ruth Sanderson and Paul Frame provided cover art and interior illustrations for the first Nancy Drew paperbacks, published under the Wanderer imprint.

Other artists, including Aleta Jenks and others whose names are unknown, [] provided cover art, but no interior illustrations, for later paperbacks.

Nancy is portrayed as "a wealthy, privileged sleuth who looks pretty and alert… The colors, and Nancy's facial features, are often so vivid that some of the covers look more like glossy photographs than paintings.

Nancy is frequently portrayed pursuing a suspect, [98] examining a clue, or observing action. She is often also shown in peril: [] being chased, falling off a boat, or hanging by a rope from rafters.

These covers are "characterized by frenetic energy on Nancy's part; whether she is falling, limbs flailing, an alarmed look on her face, or whether she is running, hair flying, body bent, face breathless.

Nancy does not have any control over the events that are happening in these covers. She is shown to be a victim, being hunted and attacked by unseen foes.

Nancy is also sometimes pursued by a visibly threatening foe, as on the cover of The Case of the Vanishing Veil The covers of The Nancy Drew Files and Girl Detective series represent further departures from the bold, confident character portrayed by Tandy.

The Nancy portrayed on the covers of The Nancy Drew Files is "a markedly sexy Nancy, with a handsome young man always lurking in the background.

Her clothes often reveal an ample bustline and her expression is mischievous. Her eyes, for example, are confined to a strip across the top of the cover while her mouth is located near the spine in a box independent of her eyes.

The artwork for Nancy's eyes and mouth is taken from Rudy Nappi's cover art for the revised version of The Secret of the Old Clock.

The longest-running series of books to feature Nancy Drew is the original Nancy Drew series, whose volumes were published from to Nancy also appeared in titles in The Nancy Drew Files and then became the heroine of the Diaries series.

Various other series feature the character, such as the Nancy Drew Notebooks and Nancy Drew on Campus. While Nancy Drew is the central character in each series, continuity is preserved only within one series, not between them all; for example, in concurrently published titles in the Nancy Drew series and the Nancy Drew on Campus series, Nancy is respectively dating her boyfriend Ned Nickerson or broken up with Ned Nickerson.

The two exceptions are the series Super Mystery also called A Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mystery that ran concurrently with the Files , and shares continuity with those stories and the then-running Hardy Boys Casefiles , and in a new A Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mystery series shared continuity with the Girl Detective series.

Nancy Drew Diaries started in This is a reboot of the Nancy Drew: Girl Detective series. The series is described as "A classic Nancy Drew with her modern twist".

While similar to the Nancy Drew, Girl Detective series, this series includes situations and problems typical in young adult "tween" books.

The mystery element is not always the main focus of the characters, and often Nancy states she is avoiding mysteries or "on a break" from sleuthing.

Nancy often acts timid and scared, in book 16 The Haunting on Heliotrope Lane she says she is glad she "hasn't peed herself from being scared".

This Nancy does not navigate in the world of adults as previous versions of the character. The first person narration reveals a juvenile voice with a passive role in the action and a lack of motivation in solving mysteries.

In book 12 The Sign in the Smoke Nancy does not solve the mystery, a secondary character comes up with the solution. In several books Nancy stumbles upon the solution to the "mystery" and acts amazed at the reveal.

This is in contrast to the set-up of previous Nancy Drew series. Attempts to make Nancy's character more modern and less perfect have resulted in a confusing and often conflicting representation of the iconic Nancy Drew character.

The main Nancy Drew series, The Nancy Drew Files , and Girl Detective books have been translated into a number of languages besides English.

The character of Nancy Drew seems to be more popular in some countries than others. Nancy Drew books have been in print in Norway since the first country outside USA [] , in Denmark since , in France since [] and in Italy since by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore.

Other countries, such as Estonia , have only recently begun printing Nancy Drew books. George Fayne 's name is even more frequently changed, to Georgia, Joyce, Kitty, or Marion.

Cover art and series order is often changed as well, and in many countries only a limited number of Drew books are available in translation.

The Nancy Drew franchise has been adapted into other forms of media several times, with varied success. As of April , the character has been adapted into six feature films, three television series, four television pilots, thirty video games produced by the brand Her Interactive, and two separate comic book series.

Film and television adaptations of the character have been met with mixed reviews, while the video games by Her Interactive have often been lauded.

In , Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Adams sold the rights to Jack L. Warner without an agent or any consultation; thus, she sold all and any film rights to Warner Bros.

From to , four films in the series were released. All of them were directed by William Clemens , written by Torchy Blane writer Kenneth Gamet, and had the same primary cast: Bonita Granville as Nancy Drew; John Litel as Carson Drew; and Frankie Thomas as Ted Nickerson changed from Ned Nickerson.

Renie Riano and Frank Orth also appeared in some of the films as Effie Schneider and Captain Tweedy, respectively. The four films were released as B-films a shorter film shows before the main picture, which usually lasted around 60 minutes :.

The series was announced by Warner Bros. However, for unclear reasons, Farrow and White were replaced by Clemens and Gamet, and production was delayed to August.

The first two films did well enough to allow Warner Bros. After the second film, Warner Bros. Gamet was once again re-hired to write for the series, and completed writing the eight films.

In late , Warner Bros. Although they initially announced the Nancy Drew series would be converted into two-reelers , they cancelled those plans days later.

Frankie Thomas stated that he believes he and Granville had made five films, not four, while Harriet Adams wrote in August to Mildred Wirt , the ghostwriter of the books at the time, that "three have been shown in this area, and I have just heard that a fifth is in production.

The films took many liberties from its source material. Granville's portrayal of Nancy showed her as a ditzy and absent-minded schemer, in contrast to the books of that time, where Nancy was intelligent, sharp-tongued, and quite ahead of her time.

Carson Drew of the books was portrayed as an older, feeble, hands-off parent, while John Litel's Carson was young, handsome, much more athletically fit, and tried his best to restrain Nancy from getting into danger.

The recurring character of the older Hannah Gruen was replaced with Effie Schneider, Hannah's teenage niece who had appeared in the book the first film was based on.

Effie and Hannah's characteristics were merged, although Effie's fidgety, frightful nature retained prominence for comedic effect.

In addition to these four, the new character Captain Tweedy was added, to portray the stereotypical bumbling, clueless cop that mirrored Steve McBride in the Torchy Blane series.

The characters of Bess Marvin, George Fayne, and Helen Corning did not appear in the film series, and were never mentioned or referred to. In addition to the character changes, the tone and pacing of the films were also matured and altered for comic effect and to accommodate a wider audience.

The films changed the less-severe crimes and adventures of the books into gruesome murders, often spearheaded by dangerous criminals.

While book Nancy was usually treated with authority and equal respect to other adults while solving the mystery professionally, the films portrayed Nancy as a meddling school girl who chased adventures, much to the misery of the adults and peers around her.

Critical reaction to these films is mixed. Some find that the movies did not "depict the true Nancy Drew", [] in part because Granville's Nancy "blatantly used her feminine wiles and enticing bribes " to accomplish her goals.

Adams did not like the films, and resented the studio for its treatment of the character; she did, however, keep a personal autographed photo from Granville on her office desk for many years according to her employees, and may have used John Litel's portrayal of Carson Drew to revamp the character when she revised the books in the s and s.

Contrary to Adams, Benson was said to have liked the films of the time, despite them being different from the character she wrote.

To promote the film, Warner Bros. The series become somewhat of a cult success after the films started appearing on cable channels such as Turner Classic Movies.

The films were arguably ones in which all five cast members were notable for in their careers. Granville recalled making the films fondly, and later called Nancy Drew… Trouble Shooter her favorite of the four.

She and Litel would later reunite for the film The Guilty , produced by Granville's husband Jack Wrather. Thomas would later go on to portray Carson Drew in a failed pilot for CBS.

A new film version for Nancy Drew had been in the works at Warner Bros. However, nothing came into fruition until the mid s. On June 15, , Warner Bros.

Pictures released a new film titled Nancy Drew , with Emma Roberts starring as Nancy, Max Thieriot as Ned Nickerson, and Tate Donovan as Carson Drew; Andrew Fleming directed and co-wrote the film with Tiffany Paulsen, while Jerry Weintraub produced.

This film saw Nancy move to Los Angeles with her father on an extended business trip, and picking the house of a murdered movie star as their house to solve the cold case.

Before the release of the film, Roberts, Fleming, and Weintraub had signed on for two Nancy Drew sequels.

But with the mixed success of the first film, and Roberts' decision to move onto other projects, these films were never made. As with the earlier Drew films, reactions were mixed.

Some see the film as updated version of the basic character: "although it has been glammed up for the lucrative tween demographic, the movie retains the best parts of the books, including, of course, their intelligent main character.

On April 20, , Warner Bros. The first film will be adapted from The Hidden Staircase , with Ellen DeGeneres and Wendy Williams among the producers.

The film is not related to the previous film starring Bonita Granville. The first season originally alternated with the Hardy Boys; the Hardy Boys was met with success, but the Drew episodes were met with mixed results.

In the second season, the format shifted to present the Hardy Boys as the more prominent characters, with Nancy Drew mostly a character in crossover episodes.

The three "solo" episodes made that season featured Susan Buckner in the role of George, and focused on more bizarre cases. Following the thirteenth episode, Martin left the series, citing the changes made to the character and show.

Though the Nancy Drew aspect of the show received mixed reception, it is regarded as the most faithful adaptation of the character, with Martin often regarded by many fans as the best actress to portray her.

The series was also faithful in its tone of smaller mysteries, such as haunted houses or theft. The second Nancy Drew series, Nancy Drew aired in first-run syndication from September to December Produced by Nelvana , Tracy Ryan starred as Nancy Drew, who is now a year-old criminology student, moving to New York City and living in an upscale apartment complex called the "Callisto".

Nancy solved various mysteries with Bess Jhene Erwin , a gossip columnist at The Rag , and George Joy Tanner , a mail carrier and amateur filmmaker.

Scott Speedman recurred as Ned Nickerson, who works on charity missions in Africa. This Nancy Drew series was again partnered with a series based on The Hardy Boys , with Ryan appearing in two episodes of the latter series as Nancy.

The series was based on The Nancy Drew Files series, and the three stars were used on several of the series' covers to promote the show.

Both shows were cancelled midway through their first seasons due to low ratings; the poorly syndicated half-hour shows aired in a slot outside of prime time on the newly launched The WB and UPN networks.

On December 15, , ABC aired Nancy Drew , starring Maggie Lawson and produced by Lawrence Bender. The movie was intended to be a pilot for a possible weekly series, which saw Nancy and her friends going off to college in a modern setting, and Nancy pursuing a journalism degree.

Like the s films, this pilot also took a more mature turn, with the mystery being a drug bust, and Nancy having a falling out with her father.

The pilot aired as part of The Wonderful World of Disney series, with additional scripts being ordered and production contingent on the movie's ratings and reception.

The series was passed at ABC, and UPN also passed following Lawson being cast on another ABC series. The third television series, Nancy Drew , premiered on The CW on October 9, Developed by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage , this series stars Kennedy McMann as Nancy Drew, with co-stars including Leah Lewis as George and Scott Wolf as Carson Drew.

This series revolves around Nancy as she heads off to college, only to have to stay back for another year after finding herself the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Like other adaptations of the character, it has received mixed reviews. Much like fellow CW series Riverdale , this series is not faithful to its source material, instead having serialized, soap opera -esque storylines.

In addition to including more mature elements such as sex and violence , the series relies on supernatural elements, such as ghosts and extrasensory perception.

In addition, it greatly detracts from several of the source material's formula e. In , Desilu and CBS developed a show, Nancy Drew, Detective , based on the movies from the s.

Roberta Shore was cast in the title role as Nancy Drew, with Tim Considine as Ned Nickerson, and Frankie Thomas, Jr. Thomas had previously starred in the film series in Considine's role.

Although a pilot was produced in April , the series could not find a sponsor. With legal troubles and the disapproval of Harriet Adams, the idea of a series was eventually abandoned.

In October , Canadian production company Nelvana began filming for a episode Nancy Drew television series called Nancy Drew and Daughter for USA Network.

Margot Kidder was cast as an adult Nancy Drew, and her daughter, Maggie McGuane, was cast as Nancy's daughter. However, Kidder was seriously injured during filming of the first episode when the brakes failed on the car she was driving.

The pilot was not finished, and the series was cancelled. In October , CBS announced it would be developing a new series based on an older version of Nancy.

On May 14, , it was announced that CBS decided to order Doubt , and pass on the Drew pilot, so CBS Studios could shop it to other networks for series consideration, though none did.

In October , Phelan and Rater brought a redeveloped pilot to NBC , where the plot now revolved around a middle-aged Nancy who wrote her adventures into novels has to team up with her former friends to solve a murder mystery.

Computer games publisher HeR Interactive began publishing an adventure game series based on the character in The games follow the popular "point-and-click format" with players playing as Nancy and using their mouse to move around a virtual environment to talk to suspects, pick up clues, solve puzzles, and eventually solve the crime.

While most of the games are computer games, with most available only on PC and some newer titles also available on Mac, Her Interactive also have released some of the titles on other platforms, like DVD and Nintendo Wii system.

Lani Minella voiced the Nancy character for thirty-two games from Her Interactive from until Following the release of Sea of Darkness , the company announced that Minella would not be returning to the series.

She was replaced with Brittany Cox beginning with the release of Midnight in Salem in The games and company overall have received recognition throughout its history for being a pioneer in female gaming, and have been dubbed into several different languages internationally.

In addition to the games created by Her Interactive, Majesco Entertainment and Gorilla Systems Co. Inspired by comics such as Afterlife with Archie , [] the series is a hardboiled noir take on the characters, and finds Nancy Drew as a femme fatale-esque character helping Frank and Joe Hardy clear their names in the murder of their father, Fenton Hardy.

From June to October , Dynamite released another series titled Nancy Drew , written by Kelly Thompson and art by Jenn St-Onge.

The series follows Nancy as she returns to Bayport after receiving a mysterious letter. She is joined by her friends Bess Marvin, George Fayne, and the Hardy Boys to solve the mystery.

A number of Nancy Drew products have been licensed over the years, primarily in the s, s, and s. Parker Brothers produced a "Nancy Drew Mystery Game" in with the approval of the Stratemeyer Syndicate.

In Madame Alexander produced a Nancy Drew doll. The doll carried binoculars and camera and was available in two outfits: with a plaid coat or a dress and short jacket.

Harriet Adams disapproved of the doll's design, believing Nancy's face to be too childish, but the doll was marketed nonetheless.

Various Nancy Drew coloring, activity, and puzzle books have also been published, as has a Nancy Drew puzzle. A Nancy Drew Halloween costume and a Nancy Drew lunchbox were produced in the s as television show tie-ins.

According to commentators, the cultural impact of Nancy Drew has been enormous. Many prominent and successful women cite Nancy Drew as an early formative influence whose character encouraged them to take on unconventional roles, including U.

Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O'Connor , Ruth Bader Ginsburg , and Sonia Sotomayor ; [] TV personalities Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters ; singers Barbra Streisand and Beverly Sills ; [] mystery authors Sara Paretsky and Nancy Pickard ; scholar Carolyn Heilbrun ; actresses Ellen Barkin and Emma Roberts ; [] former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton ; former First Lady Laura Bush ; [10] and former president of the National Organization for Women Karen DeCrow.

Nancy Drew's popularity continues unabated: in , the first Nancy Drew book published, The Secret of the Old Clock , alone sold , copies, [] good enough for top ranking in children's books, [] and other books in the series sold over , copies each.

Many feminist critics have pondered the reason for the character's iconic status. Nancy's car, and her skill in driving and repairing it, are often cited.

Melanie Rehak points to Nancy's famous blue roadster now a blue hybrid as a symbol of "ultimate freedom and independence".

Nancy is also treated with respect: her decisions are rarely questioned and she is trusted by those around her.

Male authority figures believe her statements, and neither her father nor Hannah Gruen, the motherly housekeeper, "place… restrictions on her comings and goings.

Some critics, such as Betsy Caprio and Ilana Nash, argue that Nancy's relationship with her continually approving father is satisfying to girl readers because it allows them to vicariously experience a fulfilled Electra complex.

Unlike other girl detectives, Nancy does not go to school for reasons that are never explained, but assuming because she has finished , and she thus has complete autonomy.

Similar characters, such as Kay Tracey , do go to school, and not only lose a degree of independence but also of authority. The fact of a character's being a school-girl reminds "the reader, however fleetingly, of the prosaic realities of high-school existence, which rarely includes high adventures or an authoritative voice in the world of adults.

Some see in Nancy's adventures a mythic quality. Nancy often explores secret passages, prompting Nancy Pickard to argue that Nancy Drew is a figure equivalent to the ancient Sumerian deity Inanna and that Nancy's "journeys into the 'underground ' " are, in psychological terms, explorations of the unconscious.

For this reason, Nancy Drew has been called the modern embodiment of the character of "Good Deeds" in Everyman. In the end, many critics [] agree that at least part of Nancy Drew's popularity depends on the way in which the books and the character combine sometimes contradictory values, with Kathleen Chamberlain writing in The Secrets of Nancy Drew : "For over 60 years, the Nancy Drew series has told readers that they can have the benefits of both dependence and independence without the drawbacks, that they can help the disadvantaged and remain successful capitalists, that they can be both elitist and democratic, that they can be both child and adult, and that they can be both 'liberated' women and Daddy's little girls.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Nancy Drew by Edward Stratemeyer. Vancouver , British Columbia. CBS Television Distribution.

In the fictional town of Horseshoe Bay, Maine , retired teenage detective Nancy Drew is spending her gap year working as a waitress at The Bayside Claw while she deals with the grief of her mother Katherine's death.

All that changes when one night, she and her co-workers George, Bess, and Ace discover the body of Tiffany Hudson, wife of local businessman Ryan Hudson.

When the police chief tries to pin the murder on Nancy, whom he's despised for years, she breaks into Ryan's house looking for evidence and finds a locket hidden in a secret compartment.

The locket contains a reference to Lucy Sable, a girl who was killed nineteen years ago; Nancy, Bess, and George hire a medium to contact Lucy's spirit and receive a cryptic message to "find the dress".

Nancy discovers that her father is secretly dating a cop, Karen Hart, and that her boyfriend Nick served time after Tiffany testified against him in court.

She decides to try and figure out who killed Tiffany, with Bess, George, and Nick among her potential suspects. That night, while investigating in the attic , she finds Lucy's bloodstained dress in a locked chest.

In an effort to improve his public image, Ryan takes part in the town's annual Seawater Festival, in which a bucket of seawater is placed outside to determine whether someone will die in the coming year.

Nancy learns that the Hudson family has arranged for Tiffany's body to be moved out of town, so she decides to break into the morgue and take some blood to be analyzed.

She also spies on George, learning of her secret relationship with Ryan. George angrily refuses to help, blaming Nancy for her reputation as a "slut" in high school.

Bess and Ace pretend to have car trouble to delay Ryan's transporter Lisbeth, who hits it off with Bess. Nancy retrieves the blood and some evidence connected to Lucy's case, but accidentally trips the alarm; George suddenly arrives and hides the goods while Nancy is arrested.

Carson agrees to represent Ryan in order to afford his daughter's bail. He tells her that Nick couldn't have known Tiffany's identity since she testified behind a screen.

Later that night, he secretly burns Lucy's dress on the beach. George discovers that her bucket of seawater has turned to blood, a warning that death is soon to follow.

John Kretchmer. Nancy discovers evidence of a secret friendship between Tiffany and Nick. He explains that she had been visiting him every week up until his release and left him an old clock in Nancy's mother's roadster.

Karen informs Nancy that the charges against her will be dropped if she helps build a case against Nick. George is nearly killed by several "accidents", and receives a visit from a woman named Rita who turns out to have died several decades earlier.

Nick and Nancy follow Tiffany's clues to Lilac Inn , and find a hidden vault containing a lockbox. Carson finds a print on Nancy's shoe matching one she left behind at the inn.

Nancy reveals the details of Tiffany's relationship to Karen so that Nick will not be treated as a suspect. Ace calls her to pick up Bess, who turns out to be living in a van by herself.

Nancy invites her to move in, and while helping her pack, she finds Tiffany's diamond ring in Bess' coat pocket. Looking into Bess' past, Nancy finds a passport under the name "Bess Turani" with her picture.

Bess turns out to be an English girl who believes the Marvins are her biological relatives, but isn't entirely sure.

On the day of Tiffany's funeral, a ghost attacks Bess in the Claw's walk-in, prompting the girls to turn to George's clairvoyant mother Victoria who explains how to perform a ritual that will seal Tiffany's ghost away for good.

Tiffany's sister, Laura Tandy, arrives in town seeking to learn the truth behind her death and recruits Ace, her ex-boyfriend, to help. At the funeral, George manages to only complete part of the ritual due to Bess wandering away from her post.

Laura upstages Ryan's father Everett's eulogy by playing Tiffany's last call and announcing her intentions to seek justice.

Carson subsequently informs the media that Tiffany's autopsy report is inconclusive, angering Ryan. That night, Ned learns from a hidden camera that Laura broke into his garage, and Nancy follows a clue left by a ghost to Keene High School, turning up a photo of Lucy with Karen.

The ritual's failure leads to Tiffany's spirit possessing George's body. Under the influence of Tiffany's spirit, George's behavior becomes increasingly unpredictable.

Victoria warns the group that unless a ritual of exorcism is performed, she will eventually consume George's life force, erasing her forever.

Local developer Owen Marvin hires the Bayside Claw to provide catering services to a local charity gala, but Bess asks Nick to go in her place to avoid having to deal with her family.

While at the gala, Nancy runs into Karen, who reveals Lucy died a year after abruptly ending their friendship.

Ryan has an argument with Owen, which George witnesses; Tiffany takes over, steals a dress and knife, and goes to confront him.

Victoria and Bess arrive, and despite Laura disrupting the ritual, are able to banish her. Ace and Nick force Laura to return the flash drive she stole.

Using a code word given to him by Tiffany in her final moments, Nick breaks the password on the drive and finds a mountain of evidence compiled against the Hudsons, including a possible connection to Owen.

Owen helps Nancy find a time capsule buried by Lucy's high school class, including a video of her with a teenaged Ryan. A desperate Ryan comes to Nancy for help.

In exchange for agreeing to steal a collection of priceless Roman coins for him from an auction at the Velvet Masque club, Nancy forces Ryan to escort her inside the club, normally off-limits to locals.

Bess and Lisbeth have their first date, but when Lisbeth leaves early, Bess is devastated. To cheer her up, George brings her along on a mission with Nick to infiltrate the club; the two had earlier deduced that the coins were linked to the sinking of a cargo ship that killed Owen's uncle, and plan to steal them to expose the Hudsons for their alleged involvement.

Owen seeks the coins for the same reason, and manages to get the group kicked out before winning the auction. Nancy discovers that Ryan's parents had Carson, their family's personal attorney in , get rid of Lucy to keep her away from their son, and to cover up her discovery of an affair between Owen's uncle and Ryan's mother Celia Hudson.

Lisbeth gives Bess a make-up date, and they kiss. Nancy reveals that she swiped the coins to Owen and declines his offer of dinner, unaware that Nick suspects she is going behind his back.

Victoria warns the group to dispose of the coins, as they attract evil spirits. Laura openly accuses Chief McGinnis of covering up Tiffany's death, forcing him to hand the case over to state authorities.

Ace begins to suspect that Laura may be Tiffany's killer after learning that she stands to inherit her sister's money, but Nancy discovers his secret arrangement with McGinnis, shattering their trust.

Nancy's contact informs her that the evidence she sent to him for analysis has disappeared, so she tracks down Lucy's half-brother to obtain the only other item that can be used to summon her, a bracelet she wore before her death.

Nick breaks up with Nancy afterwards for pushing him away. An unknown spirit is shown communicating with George's younger sister Ted.

Ace leaves town with Laura and gets in a serious car accident, while Nancy deals with her growing fear that her father killed Lucy.

Ace is brought to the hospital and falls into a coma. Nancy speaks to Chief McGinnis, and after revealing all of her and her friends' interactions with the spirit world, learns that Ace's spirit has separated from his body due to the trauma of the crash.

McGinnis gathers Nancy, George, and Carson to form a spirit circle and send George to the spirit world.

Based on Nancy's deduction that someone intentionally tampered with Laura's car to trigger the crash, Nick and Bess confront Lisbeth, who they think may be responsible.

Lisbeth then comes clean: she is actually an undercover state police officer investigating the Hudsons. George is unable to find Ace's spirit due to the negative energy between Nancy and Carson, so Nancy clears it by making him promise to reveal everything once the ceremony is finished.

George finds Ace's spirit in the form of a young boy, but he remains in a coma. Nancy uses a clue George found to expose Officer Rawley, the dirty cop responsible for the accident.

Nancy and Lisbeth stage a confrontation so Lisbeth can maintain her cover. When George goes to pick up Ted from the diner, she finds her missing.

Ted's disappearance reveals similarities between her abduction and that of Rose Turnbull, the girl Nancy rescued in her first case as a year old detective.

Based on this, Nancy suspects that whoever took Ted is tied to Nathan Gomber, Rose's abductor. Nancy and Carson visit Gomber's old warehouse while George and Nick work on deciphering a note passed by Gomber to his only visitor, Moira Baker.

Nancy realizes that there are gaps in her memory from the night she found Rose--the result, she believes, of an entity called Simon who was manipulating Gomber.

George finds a location for Moira's antique store and breaks in with Nick at the same time that Nancy finds the shrine Gomber built for Simon and burns it; Moira is caught and Ted is located by Nick.

When Nancy goes to see Gomber one last time, he says that his business with Simon is far from over. Bess reveals her secret to Owen.

Karen finds Nancy's journal, and informs Chief McGinnis, who has the knife from Lucy's death tested. The fingerprints on it are found to match Carson's, and he is arrested and charged with her murder.

Sydney Freeland. Nancy receives word from a contact that Tiffany was killed with a rare type of poison. Owen meets Bess and confirms that they are first cousins, making her a biological Marvin.

He asks her for the burial coins as part of a plan to expose Everett Hudson for murdering their uncle, but when Nick explains that they were destroyed, Bess concocts a scheme to use Ryan, who is increasingly estranged from his family, as a means to find other potential evidence.

Nancy's investigation leads her to an old case involving a serial poisoner from nearly seventeen years earlier. Ace takes her to his father, who worked on the case and gives Nancy clues indicating that the killer is still in Horseshoe Bay.

Nancy makes a video daring the killer to come after her; the killer then lures her into a makeshift gas chamber from which Nick and George rescue her only seconds before death.

Ryan decides to take matters into his own hands out of fear that his family will go after the Marvins. Ace turns the killer over to the police, and Nancy decides to call her father for the first time in two weeks, with Lucy's ghost looking on.

Everett and Nancy make a deal: if she sabotages Owen's efforts to expose his family's wrongdoing, he'll help get her father released from custody.

George's friend Dawn informs her that the Bayside Claw is being put on the market, meaning she'll lose the only place she truly considers home unless she can come up with some quick money.

Bess decides to embrace her British heritage for her first lunch with Diana Marvin; impressed, Diana asks her to join the Marvin corporate empire by meeting with a potential new partner, Amaya Alston.

Owen introduces Nancy to Bashiir, the only survivor of the Bonny Scot. She discovers that Bashiir is haunted by his survivor's guilt , but is unwilling to come forward out of fear of deportation.

With Owen's help, Nancy arranges a sting led by Lisbeth to take Everett into custody. She also finds files in the Hudson family mansion suggesting that Lucy's mother had something to do with her death.

Nick tells George he'll use some of his bonds to buy the Claw, with her as co-owner. Owen makes arrangements to help Bashiir.

Celia Hudson contacts someone at the state prison, ordering them to kill Carson. Nancy takes George and Nick on an attempt to break into Larkspur Lane, the local asylum where Lucy's mother Patrice has been living since her death.

There, they discover an infestation of strange mold, swarms of bugs, and a man named Sal who claims that the building is haunted by the spirits of the family who died there in the s.

Carson is nearly stabbed in prison before Ace is able to fake a transfer request; he takes Carson to his own home and contacts Karen for help when the police show up.

Nancy Drew

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